2016 Chateau Citran - Haut Medoc Bordeaux

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  • Name: 2016 Chateau Citran - Haut Medoc Bordeaux
    Area: haut medoc bordeaux (see Map)
    Tasting note: Score 88-90. The Citran 2016 has a conservative bouquet that offers light citric notes with aeration though it remains tightly wound. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannins. It has quite a backbone and there is just sufficient fruit to support it on the finish. Very composed, straightforward, easy-drinking Medoc, but one that is well crafted.  
    Food pairing: Red meats, soft cheeses, braised lamb... 
    Location: Bordeaux France - Haut Medoc
    Size of the vineyard / Total Production (in cases): 94 hectares in total (42 ha Cabernet Sauvignon / 47.5 ha Merlot / 4.5 ha Cabernet Franc)
    Terroir / Soil: Sandy gravelly soils / Marly chalky soils
    Age of the vines: 30 years old
    Grape varieties: 45% Cabernet Sauvignon / 50% Merlot / 5% Cabernet Franc
    Harvest: By hand. Rigorous parcel selection, grapes sorted on wine-stock and on sorting table. From September 9th to 20th 2011 for the Merlot. From September 15th to 20th 2011 for the Cabernet Franc. From September 14th to 26th for the Cabernet Sauvignon.
    Vinification: Thermoregulation on each tank. Traditionnal vinifications (T 2° à 32°C). Malolactic fermentations partially made in new barrels. 35% of new barrels in french oak. Traditional ageing with racking every three months. Finning with white eggs. Bottling at the chateau
  • Origins
    The Donissan de Citran family ruled this estate in the 13th century until 1832, when the last heir had to sell the estate to Mr. Clauzel. This rich, ambitious businessman defined the property’s boundaries and gave Château Citran to prominence among the Medoc estates.
    The Miailhe family bought the property in 1945 and undertook a renovation programme until 1987. Then, a Japanese group acquired the property and made major investments. This marks the resurrection of this great growth of Médoc!
    The age of reason
    In 1996, the Merlaut family, a major actor of the Bordeaux wine industry, took over Citran. They kept on increasing the quality of growth and developed its renown while respecting its history. Highly lauded, the Château is designated a historical monument heritage in 2012.

Category: Bordeaux, Haut Médoc, Red

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