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2016 Chateau Rocher Lideyre - Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux


Appellation Côtes de Bordeaux Contrôlée

Owner: Philippe Bardet

Location: Gardegan-etTourtiac

Surface: 34, 98 ha

Soil: Clay-Limestone

GrapeVarieties: Merlot 87% / Cabernet Franc 13%

Vinification: Traditional

Bottling: At the Château

Merlot is the main grape variety in the hillside vineyards located next to the Saint-Emilion appellation. This is blended with the other great Bordeaux grape variety, Cabernet Franc. Philippe Bardet comes from a long line of winegrowers and has been applying an environmentally-friendly approach with just the right technological balance in his vineyards for over fifteen years. He says: "By showing respect for the unique nature of my terroir, the balance of its biomass, and the potential of the grapes it produces, I can also guarantee everyone who tastes my wines an inimitable product that displays the specific character of each type of soil, grape variety, and climatic cycle".

The Bardet vineyards are certified for rationalized pest and disease control. In order to combine effective management and environmentally-friendly methods, the vines are only fertilized with compost. Philippe Bardet is always among the last to pick his grapes, which are entirely hand-sorted. Automated temperature and fermentation-control systems make it possible to keep the wine on the skins for a long time while maintaining perfect control of extraction. The wine is château-bottled.

Intense garnet-red colour with crimson highlights and a full-bodied, subtle bouquet featuring berry fruit, very ripe blackcurrants, and violets. It is soft and powerful on the palate, giving an overall impression of concentration and balance. The aftertaste follows through with aromas of toast and spice. It is already enjoyable now, but can also benefit from a few years' ageing.

Best served at cool room temperature: 16°-18° C. Depending on the wine's age, it goes perfectly with grilled red meats, duck, and lamb chops, but also with roast chicken and medium-strong cheeses.

Category: Bordeaux, Red, Saint Emilion

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