La Ferme Nahia Piment D'Espelette A.O.P. 1.58 oz

La Ferme Nahia

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Ingredients : 100% Espelette pepper. No added colors, preservatives or flavoring.

Product Category : Seasonings.

Use : The Piment d’Espelette is welcome at any dinner table. Its aromatic notes will transform the most simple meal into a refined dish. Added at the end of the cooking, It is as well a fiery enhancer of grilled meat.

Channel strategy of item : Natural, qualitative, gourmet, French, trendy, Rare. Manufacturer position : Amongst the 10 biggest producers of piment of Espelette over 200.

Manufacturing location : France, Basque country.

Assets of the product : Sustainability, packaging, quality (PDO).

Category: espelette, pepper, piment, spices

Type: Spices

Vendor: La Ferme Nahia

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