2018 Chateau Haura - "Bordeaux Graves"

2018 Chateau Haura - "Bordeaux Graves"


For a century, Château Haura has brought together two old properties in the town of Illats: Hillot and Haura.
The vineyard, located on two gravelly hilltops separated by a valley, currently covers around fifteen hectares. Its ancient reputation comes from the production of a sweet white wine from Cérons of great finesse.

In 2002, Bernard Leppert, owner of the estate, leased it to Denis Dubourdieu. Since then, the former mostly white vineyard has been largely replanted with red to produce, on these exceptional gravels, a great classic Bordeaux. However, Château Haura still produces a few barrels of a delicious syrupy noble rot wine.

The Dubourdieu family has since acquired neighboring plots of Haura allowing it to establish in one of the best gravelly terroirs a production of high quality red wines.  


The red Haura presents the style of a great classic Bordeaux from the left bank where the tannic freshness and smokiness of Cabernet Sauvignon on gravelly associated with the silkiness of Merlot are expressed.

The Haura Cérons expresses the sweetness and sweetness characteristic of the great terroirs of sweet wines that make the reputation of the Cérons appellation.

The vineyard

Terroir: typical gravel soil
Area in production: 13 hectares
Grape varieties: 44% Merlot 66% Cabernet Sauvignon
Average age of the vineyard: 22 years

Red wines: vinification in stainless steel vats, gentle extraction by punching down.
Aged for 12 months in barrels.
White wines: fermentation and aging in barrels and wooden vats.
Aging period: 9 months.


Category: Bordeaux, RED WINE

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