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Black Truffle Breakings Truffière de Rabasse France 12.5g

La Truffière de Rabasse

Black summer truffle breakings (aka brisures) are pieces and chunks of truffles that have been preserved for out of season use.

They are an inexpensive way to add the appearance of truffles to your food.

Truffle breaking / Brisures de Truffles from La Truffière de Rabassh (Imported from France)

  • Ingredients: Truffes noires,( Tuber Melanosporum,) eau, sel / black truffles, water, salt
  • Texture: Brisures de truffes immergées dans de l’eau / truffles breakings submerged in water 
  • Color: Black 
  • Taste: Caractéristique de la truffe 
  • Smell: Caractéristique de la truffe
  • Shelf life: 48 months



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