Henaff Pork Liver Confit 3.2 oz

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Henaff Pork Liver Confit 3.2 oz

This Pork Liver Confit ensures authentic flavors and great texture by using the best morsels of pork liver to produce their Pork Liver Confit, locally raised pigs fresh pork and pork liver. Henaff brings this authentic French meat in a beautiful glass jar perfectly sealed to preserve and capture all the meaty flavors of Pork Liver Confit. 

Created with the finest prime cuts of pork, pork livers, cognac, and spices, this traditional French Pork Confit maintains proper chewiness and authentic flavors. This French Confit is an authentic French treat you can enjoy with a simple salad, potato, and vegetables with its perfectly spicy, meaty, and juicy texture.

Established in 1907, Henaff is one of Brittany’s successful ventures with a strong commitment to providing the best-canned vegetables and meats. Today, Henaff is one of the key players for canned foods in France, exporting to 50 other countries, including the US, authorized by the USDA.

  • Facts: 3.2 oz. Product of France. 
  • Ingredients: Pork, Pork livers, Cognac, Salt, Spices.

Category: confit, henaff, PATE, pork liver

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