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The Gourmet Corner
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For 20 years, Hugues de Vernou, former owner of  "Made in France/Village Imports" (an importer and distributor of wines and specialty foods) was opening his warehouse to the public. From four times a year it went to two times a month because of its huge popularity.

During those years, the open warehouse customers have experienced the cold, the heat, long waiting lines, races toward the coolers, missing carts, cashiers handled manually followed by computerized ones that would crash .... but it was an event that no regulars would miss. 

When MIF/VI sold in May 08, the open warehouses in Brisbane ended. Every month since then, Hugues was still contacted to know when the next event would happen or to know where else to shop in order to have access to a large selection of gourmet foods. A long time relationship was broken.

December 2008: The Gourmet Corner opens its doors giving back an easy DAILY access to a wide range of speciality food at the best possible price. Directly in contact with the public, The Gourmet Corner also allows stockings around suggestions coming from its customers' needs or cravings.

2012..2015: Customers were asking us if there were any chance they could order online - wouldn't it be great if I could order my foie and petits suisses online and get them delivered for a flat fee in the valley? What about shipping to texas?

September 2015: After many years of procrastination and after a quick test with zwineclub TheGourmetCorner.com is now available! Our mission is still the same: bringing you, our customers (from the Silicon Valley and beyond!), the gourmet products and wines you experienced while in France at great prices.

Please drop us note here or post on our Facebook page here if you have any questions or if you're looking for a specific product. We're looking into adding more French items but nothing beats having our customers ask for items so don't hesitate to contact us!

A bientôt,

Hugues & The Gourmet Corner team