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Banania is a popular chocolate drink found most widely distributed in France. It is made from cocoa, banana flour, cereals, honey and sugar. It's a staple of french breakfast, a great treat for kids and adult that has been enjoyed for generations in France. (very similar to Poulain Chocolat)

Ingredients include: sugar - 20% dark chocolate - 10% wheat flour, barley flour, and malted wheat flour - 10% Chocolate powder (32% cocoa) - 1.5% Banana - honey - Vanilla - Salt

Weight: 400g

How to try it: Simply add 1 table spoon of banania, some milk and stir! Can be served hot or cold (we suggest hot for breakfast with a slide of french bread toasted with som butter and jam and you'll feel french in no time :-)

A little bit of History: (From wikipedia)

During a visit near Lake Managua, Nicaragua, in 1909, the journalist Pierre Lardet discovered the recipe for a cocoa-based drink. When he returned to Paris, he started its commercial fabrication and, in 1912, began marketing Banania with the picture of an Antillaise. Her image was replaced in 1915 with the drawing of a widely smiling Senegalese man.[1]

At the outset of World War I, the popularity of the colonial troops at the time led to the replacement of the West Indian by the now more familiar jolly Senegalese infantry man enjoying Banania. Pierre Lardet took it upon himself to distribute the product to the Army, using the linepour nos soldats la nourriture abondante qui se conserve sous le moindre volume possible ("for our soldiers: the abundant food which keeps, using the least possible space").[citation needed]

The brand's yellow background underlines the banana ingredient, and the Senagalese infantryman's red and blue uniform make up the other two main colours. The slogan Y'a bon ("It's good") derives from the pidgin French supposedly used by these soldiers (it is, in fact, an invention).[1] Slowly but surely, the slogan and the character became inseparable as the expression was coined: l'ami y'a bon ("the y'a bonbuddy").

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