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What is it? Moulard Duck Legs Confit in Duck Fat - 6 legs

Fall-of-the-bone duck leg confit, without any preparation!

Rougie has already done the work for you, expertly cooking these mouthwatering Moulard duck legs in their own fat until luxuriously tender and flavorful.

How do I prepare it? 
Perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, heat these in the oven and serve atop a salad or with roasted potatoes for the easiest gourmet dish you've ever had. You can of course use them in a cassoulet as well...

Tip: keep the extra duck fat in the fridge and use it next time to cook sautéed potatoes to get that extra crisp and super flavor

Ingredients: 6 Moulard duck legs, duck fat, water, salt, pepper

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Category: confit, duck

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