2019 Chapelle de Potensac - Médoc

  • Name: 2018 Chapelle de Potensac - Médoc Bordeaux
    Area: médoc bordeaux (see Map)
    Appelation: Haut Médoc
    Tasting note: Soft, round and juicy, this is a wine meant to be drunk young. It has light tannins, fresh with berry fruits and black currants. Drink now. — R.V.
    Food pairing: Beed stew, meat on the bbq and any soft cheeses will complement well this very well priced wine!
    Location: Bordeaux France - Medoc
    Size of the vineyard / Total Production: 84 hectares
    Terroir / Soil: hilly mounds with a limestone subsoil covered with clay and gravel outcrops containing a high proportion of gravel ("graves")
    Age of the vines: 40 years old
    Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 27% Merlot 70% Cabernet Franc 3% Petit Verdot 8%
  • The estate has been in the same family since time immemorial and has always been handed down by women. The current owner, Jean-Hubert Delon, inherited the estate from his paternal grandmother, Georgette Liquard. Although close to the river, Potensac is situated on a high point of land in North Medoc. Because of this position, the site has been populated since ancient times. The name "Medoc" in fact comes from "medio aquae" which means "in the middle of the waters"…

    Chapelle de Potensac was created and first sold by Jean-Hubert Delon with the 2002 vintage. This elegant, traditionally made second wine possesses beautiful balance founded on smoothness and freshness. Its terroir of fi ne gravel and clay sands can be found in various parts of Potensac's historical terroir, on the edge of the village. The Chapel, reproduced on the bottle's packaging, stands in the centre of the hamlet. It is characterized by the absence of its neo-Gothic tower.

Category: Bordeaux, Médoc, Red

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