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Favols Pruneaux d'Agen - Agen Pitted Prunes 8.8 oz

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Les vrais Pruneaux D'agen!

The Agen prune has been part of the culinary heritage in south-western France for centuries. Prunes are natural, tender and full of flavor: a treat for the palate that satisfies every requirement for a healthy, balanced diet.

In 2002 the European Union officially recognized the Agen prune, granting it a protected geographical designation. Today there is considerable production of Ente plums, the only variety that can be used to make prunes entitled to the Agen designation.

Enjoy Agen Prunes right out of the bag or in your favorite recipe: Clafoutis aux Pruneaux, Plum Tarte or Duck with Prunes, a classic combination. These prunes are incredibly plump and moist. Great as a snack!

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