Isigny Ste Mere, Madagascar Vanilla Chantilly Crème, 7 oz


Crème Chantilly (Whipped Cream) is not only a highly-prized topping for sorbets, pancakes or fresh fruit, but it is also a dessert fit for a king, as any budding gastronome will happily affirm.

This simple preparation, based on cream and sugar, first saw the light of day in the seventeenth century in the hands of the young chef Vatel, then in the service of Fouquet, a noble who set the gastronomic standards of the day.
Vatel first named his creation ‘whipped cream’, but later, when at the height of his powers and in charge of the kitchens of Prince Condé, he renamed it Crème Chantilly for a banquet given in honour of Louis XIV, king of France.
The composition of Crème Chantilly is laid down in the Government decree of May 6, 1980. This law states that the name: “…may only be applied to a whipped cream containing not less than 30 grams fat per 100 grams [fat in dry matter] and with no other ingredient than partially or completely refined sugar, to which natural flavorings may be added.”

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