French Lavender Honey from Mas Des Abeilles, 250g

This French Lavender Honey is produced by Le Mas des Abeilles. Very aromatic with a vegetal scent, rather intense.

Rich and powerful floral aromas of sweet almonds, but contains weak acidity without bitterness, lingers in the mouth. Le Mas des Abeilles produces a honey which is a 100% pure and natural product which contains no colorants or presevatives, and therefore, naturally crystalizes. Spread it on warm bread for an extra special treat.

Le Mas des Abeilles is a family owned honey producer located in the South of France. For over 30 years the Lambert family has produced and selected honeys in Provence for export throughout the world.

Each jar of Le Mas des Abeilles Lavender Honey contains 250g or 8.8 oz.

Product imported from France

Category: Honey

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