Les Parisiennes Semi-Candied Cherries 37 oz

Brand: Toques de France 

Origin: France 

Description: Half candied cherries made from fresh Morello cherries (sour cherries more formally known as Prunus serasus Oblacinska). The fruits are washed, stalked, sorted and put into alcohol on the place where they are cropped. After preparation and storage in their juice of maceration, the cherries are pitted and soaked in an alcoholic and sweet juice with Kirsch and cherry alcohol. 

Ingredients: Cherries (about 275 cherries per 1L jar); Sugar; Alcohol 27.5% at 40% vol. including Kirsch 3.6%; Water; Natural flavor.

Application: The sour cherries are delicious in cocktails. They are also the favorites of pastry chefs to make delectable treats such as pies, cakes or turnovers and also great as an ice cream topper.

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage: Dry

Packaging: 37 oz


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